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play lotto with bitcoin is not different from normal lottos. thing which you should do to play lotto is choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49,1 to 49 including. if you do not want to select one by one,you can use the automatic coupon manufacturer. ıf you want to play multiple coupons at a time,you can use automatic manufacturer on the left. we share with you our codes, you can check the transparency of the draw.

the raffle, is made in every block found in the blockhain system.

coupon allowence is returned 3 attaching to the user
4 attaching to the user is given 3 percent of the amaunt of bitcoin accumulated in the pool
5 attaching to yhe user is given accumulated in the pool
6 The holding user is given (0.30159561 BTC) amount of bitcoin accumulated in the pool